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We are Helmholtz Munich. In a rapidly changing world, we discover breakthrough solutions for better health.

Our research is focused within the areas of metabolic health/diabetes, environmental health, molecular targets and therapies, cell programming and repair, bioengineering, and computational health. We particularly excel in the fields of basic research, bioengineering, artificial intelligence, and technological development.

Through this research, we build the foundations for medical innovation. Together with our partners, we seek to accelerate the transfer of our research, so that laboratory ideas can reach society and improve people’s quality of life at the fastest rate possible.

This is what drives us. Why not join us and make a difference?

The Institute of AI for Health develops solutions for digital health challenges. As an emerging European hub for applied artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), we aim at modeling large-scale, high throughput biomedical data, developing new drugs and treatments, analyzing biomedical images, and integrating multi-omics data for precision medicine.

The newly established lab of Prof. Ewa Szczurek is looking for postdoctoral researchers with a keen interest in joining a multidisciplinary team in the field of computational medicine. Our team works on projects involving processing, analysis, and modeling of state-of-the-art single-cell omics and spatial data, as well as generative AI for design of antimicrobial peptides.

Prof. Matthias Tschöp (Dr. Med., Dr. hc.), CEO of Helmholtz Munich:

"We believe that excellent research requires a range of different perspectives. Diverse teams reach better solutions and are more innovative in their research topics.

Establishing our Diversity Management Strategy demonstrates our commitment to ensuring an appreciative company culture based on mutual respect. We are also implementing diversity-sensitive processes throughout our whole organization."

Your tasks

A particular focus will be on novel computational, artificial intelligence methods in application to biomedical data. The projects involve strong collaborations with international experimental partners. Specifically, the projects offer the exciting possibility to substantially contribute to and conceive future studies addressing the following aspects:

  1. Development of novel generative AI methods for antimicrobial peptide discovery
  2. Design and implementation of foundational models for single cell data
  3. Development of novel methods for analysis of spatial single cell data

Applications include spatial data from cancer patients, single cell RNA-seq and spatial data from patients in ICU with pneumonia, as well as antimicrobial peptides. In our various collaborations with clinical and industrial partners, we work on scientific questions and solutions with direct impact for healthcare and diagnostics.

Your profile

  • PhD in bioinformatics, biostatistics, computer science, AI, or a related field.
  • Expertise in the analysis and interpretation of molecular data (single cell, spatial or molecule data).
  • Strong programming skills combined with a mathematical mindset.
  • Evidence of the ability to conduct high-quality research and produce publications in top-tier journals.
  • Experience in addressing clinical and biomedical questions.



Since 2005, we hold the TOTAL E-QUALITY award for exemplary action in the sense of an equal-opportunity organizational culture.

Helmholtz Munich is actively committed to diversity and inclusion in practice and is sustainably committed to equality.

The Diversity Charter has set itself the goal of promoting diversity in the world of work. By signing the charter, we commit ourselves to create an appreciative working environment for all employees.


If you fulfil all the requirements, you may be eligible for a salary grade of up to E 13. Social benefits are based on the Collective Wage Agreement for Public-Sector Employees (TVöD). The position has an (initial) fixed term of 2 years but may be extended under certain circumstances.

We are committed to promoting a culture of diversity and welcome applications from talented people regardless of gender, cultural background, nationality, ethnicity, sexual identity, physical abilities, religion or age. Qualified applicants with physical disabilities will be given preference.
If you have obtained a university degree abroad, we will require further documents from you regarding the comparability of your degree. Please request the Statement of Comparability for Foreign Higher Education Qualifications as early as possible.


Interested in applying?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Dr. Ewa Szczurek,, who will be happy to help.

Your application should include

    We are Helmholtz Munich.


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