Helmholtz Zentrum München is a research center with the mission to discover personalized medical solutions for the prevention and therapy of environmentally triggered diseases and promote a healthier society in a rapidly changing world.

Lung disease is a huge unmet clinical need accounting for one in six deaths globally. Stem cells can regenerate the lung in response to environmental challenges by changing their internal transcriptional states and coordinating their activities with a large number of other cell types in their microenvironment. We have made critical contributions to the first lung atlas at cellular resolution in aging, health and disease. Using longitudinal single cell analysis of lung regeneration we discovered aberrant persistence of regenerative intermediate cell states in lung fibrosis patients. The molecular checkpoints controlling the genesis and fate of such disease associated cell states are currently unknown and therefore not used for therapy.

We are working on establishing ground-breaking insights on cell-cell communication in lung health and disease, empowering future therapeutic strategies to re-program cellular circuits in lung disease. To this end we upscale single cell genomics readouts for high content perturbation experiments in organotypic model systems (e.g. human precision cut lung slices) and use a combination of spatial omics and imaging techniques to link localized signaling pathway inputs with gene programs and cell state identities in vivo.

We, the Institute of Lung Biology, are looking for a highly motivated

Postdoc - "Cell Circuits in Systems Medicine of Lung Disease" (f/m/x) 100488

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Your responsibilities

  • Perform and analyze single cell and single nuclei RNA-seq and CITE-seq experiments
  • Single cell multi-omics method development
  • Perturbation experiments in human organotypic model systems (lung tissue slices)
  • Analysis of transgenic mouse models during lung injury, repair and aging
  • Analysis of patient samples and experimental design of clinical studies
  • Histopathology analysis and imaging (light sheet and confocal microscopy)
  • Bioinformatic data analysis

Your qualifications

  • PhD degree in biology or related area
  • Previous experience with single cell genomics and systems biology
  • Previous experience with lung and developmental biology
  • Passion for science, innovation and creative and independent work
  • Proficient in written and spoken English
  • Teamplayer

What we offer you

continuous education and training
work-life balance
flexible working hours & time off in lieu
30 days annual leave
on-site health management service
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Image elder care
Image company pension scheme
Image discounted public transport ticket

Munich, with its numerous lakes and its vicinity to the Alps, is considered to be one of the cities with the best quality of life worldwide. With its first-class universities and world-leading research institutions it offers an intellectually stimulating environment.

Remuneration and social benefits are based on the collective wage agreement for public-sector employees at federal level (TV EntgO Bund). The position is (initially) limited to 2 years, but under certain circumstances an extension can be arranged.

To promote diversity, we welcome applications from talented people regardless of cultural background, nationality, ethnicity, gender and sexual identity, physical abilities, religion and age. Qualified applicants with physical disabilities will be given preference.
Applicant guidance on the Corona pandemic

If you have further questions, simply contact / Tel.: 089 3187 1194, who will be happy to be of assistance.
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