Helmholtz Zentrum München is a research center with the mission to discover personalized medical solutions for the prevention and therapy of environmentally triggered diseases and promote a healthier society in a rapidly changing world.

News on the Corona pandemic
We continue to recruit and are looking exactly for you. To this end, we have adapted our recruitment process to ensure the greatest possible health protection for both our applicants and our employees. After successfully reviewing your application documents, we will invite you to a friendly video call or telephone interview, no special devices needed. Here we simulate a face-to-face interview situation in order to get to know you better. Fight with us against the spread of environmentally related diseases and apply now.

With us you will support renowned researchers in a vibrant international environment. Their task is to improve people’s quality of life with excellent research results.

The Comprehensive Pneumology Center (CPC) at HMGU is a translational research center dedicated to respiratory medicine, which is also a partner site of the German Center for Lung Research (DZL), an association of the leading university and non-university institutions dedicated to lung research in Germany.

A PhD student position is available as a shared student in the Schiller and Theis labs at Helmholtz Zentrum München. We are looking for highly motivated individuals with a background in computational biology, bioinformatics, mathematics or a related area. Previous experience with single cell genomics would be an advantage. The project will act in synergy with our efforts to chart the cellular composition of mouse and human lungs for a Human Lung Cell Atlas using single cell genomics techniques (see references below). The student will be supervised daily by an experienced postdoc and establish novel analytical approaches to understand gene regulatory networks in the lung in health and disease. The student will work embedded 50/50 in the experimental systems biology lab (Schiller) and the computational biology Institute (Theis). The project: According to the WHO lung disease currently causes one in six deaths globally.

The COVID-19 pandemic showcases the importance of understanding the complex regulation of the cellular reactions that occur in our lungs as a response to environmental challenges. In lung disease, either the acute inflammatory reaction overshoots and causes morbidity and mortality, or chronic cellular reactions result in long term tissue remodeling processes that eventually destroy structure and function of the organ. We do not understand the regulatory logic of the multicellular signaling circuits that control these processes in disease and normal tissue regeneration.

A better mechanistic understanding of how cell-cell communication controls cell identity and activity can get us prepared to treat currently incurable acute and chronic lung diseases such as ARDS/pneumonia, lung fibrosis, COPD, and lung cancer. To reveal potential routes of cell-cell communication and the regulation of gene programs in health and disease we will computationally integrate various datasets from mouse models of disease, human patients, and perturbation experiments in organotypic ex vivo model systems. We will aim to learn a latent representation of the celltype-specific gene-regulatory networks that govern the erturbation/disease-induced cell state transitions. An additional feature of the latent space encoding is that the first network layers enable us to identify data-driven molecular pathways instead of manually annotated ontologies. Thus, we anticipate to identify unexpected molecular details of cell differentiation checkpoints in lung disease.

PhD position in computational analysis (f/m/d) 100141

Image full time
Image Neuherberg near Munich
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Your responsibilities

  • Computational analysis of single cell data
  • Develop ML algorithms to model gene-regulatory networks from perturbation data
  • Multi-modal data integration

Your qualification

  • MSc degree in computational biology, bioinformatics, mathematics or a related area
  • Previous experience with single cell genomics is an advantage
  • Previous experience with NGS raw data processing is an advantage
  • Passion for science, innovation and creative and independent work
  • Proficient in written and spoken English
  • Teamplayer

What we offer you

Unique training opportunities - the student will be embedded in a structured PhD program that is connected with the two universities in Munich LMU and TUM Image
compatibility of private life & work Image
flexible working hours, flexitime, without core times
30 days vacation per year Image
in-house health management Image
Image a nursery directly at the campus
Image Elder Care & further consultation offers
Image company pension scheme
Image discounted job ticket (MVV and DB)
Image corporate benefits offer

Munich, with its numerous lakes and its vicinity to the Alps, is considered to be one of the cities with the best quality of life worldwide. With its first-class universities and research institutes it offers an intellectually stimulating environment.

You will get a Training and supervision in cutting edge AI research and will be a Team member in Human Cell Atlas consortium working on the Lung.

Remuneration and social benefits are based on the collective wage agreement for public-sector employees at federal level (TV EntgO Bund). The position is (initially) limited to three years, but under certain circumstances an extension can be arranged.

To promote diversity, we welcome applications from talented people regardless of cultural background, nationality, ethnicity, gender and sexual identity, physical abilities, religion and age. Qualified applicants with physical disabilities will be given preference.

If you have further questions, simply contact Dr. Herbert Schiller on 089 3187-1194, who will be happy to be of assistance.
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